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Revenue Streams Beyond The 9-5 Grind

Episode 3 of Reed Between The Lines dropped this week. Boom!

My guest is Ashleigh Reddy, photographer, entrepreneur and influencer.

She reveals:

  • Her “secret” for landing clients like Google, Lego, AfroTech, and AirBnb with ZERO cold outbound

  • How she's scaled to multiple revenue streams including multiple brand deals — and how you can land your first deal

  • How to overcome the emotional and financial challenges of betting on yourself as an entrepreneur

It’s entertaining, inspiring, and perfect if you want to grow your career.

You can watch on Youtube or listen on Apple or Spotify now.

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This week my interview on 6Sense’s Revenue Maker’s podcast went live.

And Saima asked me one of my favorite questions:

What advice do you have for new content marketers or marketers looking to start their content engine?

There’s a fast answer and a longer, more complete one.

And you can apply this advice to multiple contexts through out your career:

  • You’re brand new to marketing

  • You started a new gig or role and

  • You’re doing quarterly or annual planning

  • You want to continue growing and want direction for where to focus.

Fast answer: You need to get a win as quickly as possible.

You don’t need a big win when getting started. You need a fast, visible win.

Results speak louder than words (or strategy decks).

The full answer: You have two options if you're looking for growth - Optimize or Build.

Optimizing requires testing new ideas:

  • New formats on social media

  • A/B testing in email marketing

  • Different CTAs on digital events

  • Restructuring your landing page layout

This is your fastest and easiest path to a quick win.

Building on the other hand, means creating something new:

  • Start a newsletter

  • Launch a podcast

  • Publish new research

  • Spin up a webinar series

These are the fun, shiny, exciting-to-show-your-CEO things, but take much more time to see results.

You typically only get 2-3/year, so be selective in what you choose to invest in.

If you're getting started or need a quick win, optimize something for incremental growth.

It shows you can deliver and deliver “at will”.

That'll buy you time — and trust — to build something new. 

Holler at you next Saturday,

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