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How to text your buyers (without pissing them off)

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where over 9,000 marketers, sellers, and creators get better at content strategy and creation in 5 minutes or less.

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Speaking of stories, I just got done watching Jake Paul’s new Netflix documentary, Untold: Jake Paul The Problem Child.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jake Paul, he’s a famous Youtuber turned professional boxer (you read that right, this is the world we live in), who’s been heavily criticized and widely hated for his trash-talking, cocky demeanor.

But say what you will about his personality, he’s built a media and entertainment empire worth millions of dollars. Simply because he understands how to market in the attention economy.

More specifically, he mastered the art getting attention and doesn’t mind pissing people off along the way. In fact, that’s his signature style.

And it got me thinking.

While intriguing, purposefully pissing people off in our B2B world just doesn’t work.

Sure there’s a time and place to be provocative. But we’re just trying to get our job done, hit our goals, and keep our bosses happy without pissing off would-be buyers and clients.

And it got me thinking of one of the easiest way to accidentally irritate buyers: texting.

It’s an incredible channel for accelerating deals and building relationships, but so easy to get wrong.

Yet that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Let me be clear: You should 100% be texting your buyers. The trick is doing it without being invasive.

So for today’s edition, I’m sharing a chapter from my (free) video course, 5 Sales Plays for Grabbing Attention, so you can start texting your buyers without pissing them off or overstepping.

Let’s ride.

Tactic #1: The intro text

Text the morning before your 1st meeting.

All it takes is a quick: “Hey Sam - Devin from The Reeder here. Are we still on for our call at 11am? Looking forward to it.”

Keep it casual and to the point.

If they reply, you’ve opened up a new channel to use in the future.

Tactic #2: The post-meeting text

Text your main point of contact or champion after a group call with a simple:

“Hey, how do you think the call went?”

This is a great way to get comfortable with your point of contact.

You’ll also get important feedback you probably wouldn’t get otherwise.

Tactic #3: Ask during next steps

Next time you're wrapping up next steps a call, text these words:

"Email is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Do you text?"

This is going to seem extremely obvious. That's the point.

The answer for 99% of people is “Yes of course.”

You: "Cool me too. I’ll share updates there if that's alright, but I’ll keep it light. What's the best number to reach you?"

Unless they say “no thanks”, you're good to go.

Bonus tip: Never cold text prospects

This is my hot take for one reason — it’s too easy to get it wrong.

In a world of spam and not-always-the-best cold outreach, this could rub your prospect the wrong way.

Not worth the risk in my opinion.

Opening up this channel is THE way to box out your competitors, especially during a crowd evaluation.

Your buyers are human and have emotions, so don’t overthink it.

It’s all good to text them.

And because you’ve earned the right to a more immediate and intimate communication channel, you'll build stronger relationships and stronger deals.

Holler at you next Saturday,

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