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Last Monday I was rifling through my inbox, deleting garbage, speed-reading newsletters, and replying to clients.

Midway through I saw a newsletter from one of my favorite copywriting experts and email list builders, Ben Settle.

Even though I was moving at light speed on my mission to inbox zero, he snatched my attention with 13 words that brought me to a halt and hooked me in:

Contrary to what the sob sister marketers think:

Email opt outs ain’t bad.

My eyebrows furrowed.

Email opt outs aren’t bad?? Does that mean they’re…. good?

I was a little confused and a lotta intrigued. I read on.

When someone opts out, I didn't lose a subscriber.

A subscriber lost me. 

What have I lost, exactly?

He goes on to argue that he doesn’t actually lose anything, then explain the benefits of people leaving his list (paraphrased in my words):

  • Sure his list is smaller, but it becomes stronger

  • It’s good these people left, regardless of the reason, because he only wants people on his list that he can truly help (and them leaving signals they believe he can’t)

  • His sales increase in direct proportion to his opt-outs.

Then he hammers it home with a strong POV boiled down into a few words:

If anything, [unsubscribers] do us both a favor.

I read this nearly two weeks ago and I haven’t been able to shake the idea. It’s embedded in my mind.

As a newsletter owner, this completely changed my perception of how to view my business and email philosophy. Instead of feeling like I’m “losing” when I see someone unsubscribe, now I feel empowered — my list is getting stronger, not weaker.

In short, he changed how I think. And that’s what the best content does. Remember, you need to win mindshare before you can win market share.

And Ben isn’t just being controversial to troll or stir the pot. It’s an intentional use of an incredibly powerful (but often overlooked) writing technique for grabbing attention, positioning himself as an expert, and as a result, growing his audience of the right people.

It’s called a reframe. Let’s break down how to create one so you can add it to your content.

How to create a reframe in 3 steps

First, and most importantly, reframes MUST include this key ingredient:

A NEW perspective that challenges common consensus.

This is how Ben not only earned my attention, but held it long enough to make an argument that motivated me to think critically and even change my mind.

That’s a gift for your Reader — and leads to your audience thanking you for your content. That’s powerful!!

I’ve used this technique multiple times over the years. So much so that I reference it in my new digital book, Content That Converts. A snippet:

Reframes are eerily effective because they force your reader to rethink their reality. They will naturally lean in and read more to address the curiosity you’ve sparked.

This is intriguing because it offers a new lens through which to view the world, specifically a common problem. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a common consensus relevant to your audience

Example: Email opt outs are bad and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Flip it and create a unique POV you believe in

Example: Email opt outs are actually good for your business.

  1. Substantiate your claim with concrete benefits

Example: You get a stronger list, help more people, and make more sales.

ChatGPT sure as hell can’t do that. But you can.

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