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Announcing the biggest project of my career

Reed Between The Lines is dropping on March 20th


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Back in January I mentioned that I went on John Barrow’s podcast, Make it Happen Monday, to share how I evaluate B2B influencer deals as Head of Content at Clari and as an influencer working directly with brands.

Our episode just went live (you can listen on Apple or Spotify) and I’m sharing clips all week on TikTok, like the #1 reason B2B influencer marketing fails - and what to do instead:


The #1 mistake B2B marketers make when doing influencer marketing programs is copying the *transactional* B2C strategy. That doesn’t work ... See more

One more thing: I added a new section at the bottom of this newsletter where I share the tools I use, love, and recommend. Check it out if you want to grow your brand and business.

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I saw a demo three weeks ago and my response was “Damn, I need this right now.”

I’d been spending hours every week manually setting tasks for my team, managing multiple docs, and handling all the details for launching my newest project. Relying on Slack and Google Docs was NOT cutting it. 

Something had to change.

I saw a ClickUp demo and decided to move my entire business on the platform immediately. One of the biggest things is they just launched ClickUp Brain, that’s basically an AI project manager that automates tasks, progress updates, and stand-ups to save me tons of time.

If you want to save time and get more done with ClickUp - start your free trial here.

On March 20th, I’m launching the biggest project of my career.   

And I’m breaking the news with you, right now, for the first time ever…

I’m excited to share that I’m launching my new show and podcast, Reed Between The Lines.

It’s a high-production video and audio show: full video episodes and shorts on YouTube, clips and BTS content on TikTok and LinkedIn, and podcast episodes on all major platforms. 

It’s a BIG undertaking. And by far the most challenging (and most fun) creative challenge to date.

First rule: zero zoom boxes. Season one is 12 episodes, all shot in-person across San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. 

Before I get into more details, I should share WHY I’m doing this. And really it’s pretty simple:

I’m on a mission to build a bigger and more inspired career as a marketer, creator, and entrepreneur. 

I’ve spent 10 years in sales and marketing, become Head of Content for two billion dollar tech companies, and scaled my business, The Reeder, to 6 figures —  and now I’m ready to level up my creativity and earning power to hit the next level.

But I need more than tips, tricks, and dopamine hits found on social media. 

I want inspiration and expertise that’s going to help me reach my potential. And damn it, I wanna have fun doing it. 

So I’m traveling America for candid, street-level conversations about creativity, marketing, and playing by your own rules. 

You’ll hear the stories behind the success: unfiltered conversations, vulnerable moments, and practical advice to help YOU grow your career, confidence, and income. 

That’s why I titled it, Reed Between The Lines

(Plus I love a good pun.)

And this show is intentionally unlike anything you’ve heard or seen before

That’s because it isn’t “B2B content”. Not really. 

I’m scratching off the professional polish and having conversations like “work isn’t watching.” Not controversy for clicks, just unfiltered conversations about growing your career and living a more fulfilled life.

Will it help you become a smarter, more valuable professional? Absolutely. 

But it’s also designed to entertain. It’s highly relatable content that’s missing in the professional world.

You’ll see what I mean when you see it on screen. I’ll share clips leading up to the launch.

Until then I can’t give too much away. But I can share this…

A couple weeks ago I talked to a wide group of people for the SF stop: a photographer and entrepreneur, a B2B marketer and influencer, a CEO, and a venture capitalist. 

One un-ignorable theme surfaced:

Nobody has it all figured out. We all experience setbacks and self doubt. We’re all on our own path to reach our potential.

The fascinating part is how we respond. And how those experiences and decisions shape who we are and what we ultimately achieve in our careers. 

That’s the good stuff. And that’s what we get into on the show. 

So if you like learning through stories and want to build a bigger and more rewarding career (and have fun doing it), you’ll love Reed Between The Lines.

Can’t wait to show it to you in a few weeks.

Holler at you next Saturday — where I’m sharing exactly what goes into my annual B2B content strategy deck 👀 


This is by far the most valuable skill in 2024…

The ability to earn attention and convert it into business growth. Basically using content to grow an audience and convert it into revenue for your brand or business.

I’ve built B2B brands that generate real pipeline by creating and distributing highly engaging content. When done right, it’s an unbeatable advantage.

So I took years of experience and put it all into a 154-page ebook, Content That Converts.

It’s packed with tips, techniques, and examples that reveal exactly how to pierce through the noise, grow your, audience, and get more clients. Same stuff I used at Gong, The Reeder, Clari, Notion, and more.

It’s perfect if you want to use content to build a beloved brand, and eager audience, and generate endless inbound opportunities.

You can purchase your copy here.

But I should warn you… This is NOT your typical “marketing book” that takes forever to read and never makes a dent in your right-now goals.

This digital playbook has 30 mini chapters carefully written to be easily read, understood, and applied that day — so you see results in hours not weeks.

🛠️ Tools I use, love, and highly recommend

Below are my favorite tools I use to grow my brand and business in case you want to do the same. (Note: these are affiliate links but I would recommend without the commission.)

  1. beehiiv for newsletters: I use Beehiiv to write and grow my newsletter for two reasons: it’s easy to use and the growth features are incredible. Launch or grow your newsletter with beehiiv here.

  2. ClickUp for project management: I use ClickUp as my project management system to manage my entire business. Start a free trial here.

  3. SuperHuman for email productivity: I’ve been a customer for 2+ years and recommend it to everyone who’s looking to own their email inbox. Start using SuperHuman and get your 1st month free.

  4. Webflow: I recently started using them for web hosting, and now I’m moving all WordPress sites here because I like the flexibility. You can check it out here.

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